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Andy Caso Massage Therapy
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Last minute appointments (24 hours) by text message and only for those who are already clients of Andy Caso Massage Therapy. (786) 942-2980 If space is available

Deep Tissue Massage

The technique of deep tissue massage is indicated to work the deep muscles and is effective in treating chronic muscle pain. Most massage techniques act on the superficial muscles. The deep ties...

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, created by Swedish physician Henrik Ling, is one of the techniques popular in the world’s oldest and massages.

One way to oxygenate the body, remove toxins...

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Trigger Point Massage

Often both athletes and sedentary people suffering from physical pain who are related with “trigger points”.

Understanding the concept of trigger points as areas with knots that sometimes reflect the pain...

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Hot Stone Massage

This therapy combines massage with the therapeutic application to the skin of stones at different temperatures providing deep massage efficiently.

The origin of therapy geothermal or stone therapy is an ancient technique of oriental massage, such as reiki, they believe there are seven energy centers

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Treatment Of Striae & Cellulitis

Reduce or eliminate stretch marks skin and combat cellulite naturally.
Stretch marks are small scars on the skin surface by lack of elasticity.
Growth and pregnancy stretch marks are created.

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Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph DrainageManual lymph drainage is a technique performed with hands gently,
very soft, slow and repetitive movements that stimulate lymph circulation, improving edema, inflammation and retention of lymph.

The manual lymphatic drainage improving general health status and

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"The massage therapy increases your wellness significantly"

~ Andy Caso