Trigger Point Massage

Athletes and sedentary people are often suffering from physical pain, relating to “trigger points”.


Trigger points are areas with knots that sometimes reflect the pain at other points, these are called contraction knots.


They can exist in any muscle in the body, however, there are some specific areas that are most prone to contraction knots, and several pain points can be active at once. It is therefore known as referred pain.


To reduce pain in these trigger points, it is best to have a deep massage that pinpoints these certain areas.


Therapeutic massages relieve muscle pain produced by stress, overexertion, and poor posture.


Locating a Trigger Point


A trigger point is a sensitive point located in the skeletal muscle, that causes pain with compression, stretching, or the contraction of muscle tissue, which is generally referred pain.


Trigger points are very painful, especially when pressed, these can be active or dormant.


By Andy Caso.

Writing and rectification in English by Andrea Caso.



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