Indications of Masotherapy.

We could see two dimensions of massage depending on its effects. We lick the first dimension as “The Basic” and the second as “Supplementary or Secondary”.

– Basic or Primary Indications

It is known that massage is an exceptional assistant when we have mental fatigue, stress, insomnia … it relaxes us and returns us to a calm position, let’s say to a position of peace.

The systems of the body are benefited, very relevantly the circulatory, lymphatic systems and the persistalsis, favoring to a great extent the excretion of the waste of our body.

Massage can improve physical fatigue, muscle discomfort, soft tissue damage, improve joint restrictions and rearrange all these structures.

– Supplementary or secondary indications

By increasing circulation improves the formation of necrotic tissue in hands and feet affected by diabetes.

It can maintain the vitality of tissues damaged by degenerative conditions.

The massage combined with a good diet and exercises is highly productive to maintain a well-being body.

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