Full Body Relaxation massage, focused on manual lymphatic massage on legs and buttocks.

Full Body Relaxation massage, focused on manual lymphatic massage on legs and buttocks.

This massage benefits the circulation of our body, both the venous return and the movement of the lymph, preventing it from accumulating.

If we promote the drainage of lymph, we can alleviate certain conditions such as fluid retention or cellulite.

A gentle massage performed by an expert will help the lymph to move more easily within our body, and this will improve the circulation of our legs and give them a good appearance.

The lymphatic system is composed of a fluid called lymph, and the channels through which this substance moves are called lymphatic channels.

The lymphatic drainage in manual form, must be performed by an authorized professional, which will encourage the drainage of the lymphatic channels present in our legs, mobilizing the lymph, especially in the obstructed areas.

This drainage purifies any harmful substance in our legs. Its function is to eliminate the possible toxins and avoid the retention or accumulation of fluids and to promote the circulatory flow correctly.

Lymphatic drainage protects our immune system, improving the response of our body against possible bacteria or viruses.

It also fulfills a function of aesthetic character, since the appearance of the skin of our legs can visibly improve.


It can prevent poor circulation, cellulite or tired legs.

This treatment to be effective must be complemented with a healthy diet and physical exercise.

It is a way to eliminate harmful substances in our legs.

It also benefits our immune system, releasing substances and strengthening the immune system. Highly recommended in cases of enemas or suffering after surgery.

The lymphatic drainage of legs consists of the activation of the lymphatic system of the patient in the legs, activating the capacity that this system has to effectively discard any toxin.
The lymphatic drainage of legs has a great effect of relief in ailments and affections of the muscles of our legs and combats the flaccidity.

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Deep pain in the piriformis muscle?

  1. If you have a deep pain below the gluteal, you may have a contracture in the Piriformis muscle, the inflammation in this muscle presses the sciatic nerve and produces a lot of pain and discomfort.
    In this case you need a therapeutic massage, so that with massage techniques, stretching and other therapeutic techniques you can relax your muscle and your sciatic nerve is loose and without the pressure that produces that pain.

    This is the best solution for you, medicines for sciatica do not cure the cause, they only relieve pain and have adverse side effects.

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Full body massage focused on pyramidal muscle, when it affects the sciatic nerve. Treatment of the pyramidal with combination of deep massage, hot stones, stretching and electro-stimulation in the area of the piriformis muscle.

Full body massage focused on pyramidal muscle, when it affects the sciatic nerve. Treatment of the pyramidal with combination of deep massage, hot stones, stretching and electro-stimulation in the area of the piriformis muscle.

The pyramidal, or piriformis, is a muscle in the gluteal region of the lower extremity. It is one of the six muscles of the lateral rotator group.

Pyramidal syndrome is a syndrome that occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated by the piriformis muscle.

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Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral nerves carry information to and from the brain to the rest of the body.

Peripheral neuropathy means damage to a single nerve or a group of nerves. It can also affect the nerves throughout the body. Many people feel numbness in the hands and feet.

There are many types and causes. Some neuropathies are hereditary. Peripheral neuropathy is very common.

Diabetes is the most common cause of this type of neurological problem. High blood sugar levels can
hurt your nerves

There are many treatments, but controlling the consumption of sugar, doing regular exercises and therapeutic massage, therapies help to improve these dysfunctions among other remedies.

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Do you have muscle pain?

Do you have muscle pain?

Massage and Endorphins

Endorphins, name that comes from the words endogenous (inside) and morphine (alkaloid opioid). They are substances that mitigate pain among other functions.

Endorphins have an analgesic effect, relieve or suppress pain. Its sedative action allows the general relaxation of the organism,
They are manufactured in the brain, the spinal cord and other parts of the body, and released into the bloodstream to different pleasurable actions such as eating and many other pleasurable actions or to receive massages.

Massage is a very effective way to stimulate the secretion of endorphins.

The correct application of therapeutic massage techniques increases blood flow to and from the affected area, facilitating the arrival of endorphins and the release of toxins trapped in the tissues.

When it is exerted presses Trigger Point hurts at the beginning but relief is caused, a positive effect is derived: the organism secretes endorphins to appease that pain. We owe this to the analgesic effect of endorphins.

In summary, musculoskeletal pain responds very well to the combination of massage techniques achieving an analgesic effect and the consequent relief of pain.

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The massage diminishes the pains.

When we talk about massage, we usually refer to manipulations on the muscle and soft tissues, with salutary, soothing, sedative and stimulant objectives.

It has analgesic, relaxing and sedative effects.

The action of massage suppresses or diminishes painful sensitivity by means of manual actions on superficial sensitivity (Meissner corpuscles) (1) and deep sensitivity (Golgi and Pacini corpuscles). “(2)

Massage is a therapeutic remedy that has accompanied man since primitive cultures.


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Respiratory system. Benefits of massage.

Massage is part of the traditional actions of the Pneumo Kinesiotherapist. The kinesioteraphy uses mobility (active or passive) to promote bodily functions and within its objective; treat and prevent diseases.

In the bronchial obstruction, the massage with percussions and vibrations in the thoracic box, fluidizes the secretions of the mucosa and favors its expulsion to the outside.

Oxygenation increases considerably favoring the respiratory system.



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Benefits of massage in the digestive system.

It is indicated for the blood flow in the viscera and to promote the contractions of the smooth muscles.

The massage by provoking the mobility of the viscera eliminates the restrictions of the ligaments and peritoneum (1).

It has a peristaltic effect on the colon, relieving intestinal constipation.


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