The massage from the scientific point of view.

The massage from the scientific point of view.
By Andy Caso

Science has confirmed what the psychiatrist James Gordon said “massage is a medicine”

About James Gordon.

In 2008, CMBM won a research award from the US Department of Defense to study this mind-body approach with veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. Gordon was also appointed to chair the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy (WHCCAMP) from 2000 to 2002 by President Clinton.

When a zone of the body is massaged, the sensory impulses reach the brain and activate the respiratory centers and different vital processes.

Of the best centers in the world (perhaps the only one) to investigate the effects of massage, it is located in Miami, it is the T.R.I. (Touch Research Institute, ie Touch Research Institute) began its investigations in 1982, was formally established by its director Dr. Tiffany Field in 1992.

No wonder that the best schools in the country in therapeutic massage are in Miami Florida.

I am proud to have graduated from The Praxis Institute Miami Fl. Because today I understand that the technical rigor and the hours of uninterrupted studies with excellent teachers meant a guarantee to understand that massage is not simply an operation of a beauty treatment. , but a terpaeutical massage is a great medicine without side effects that you can give to your body and your spirit.

That is why certified massage therapists licensed under a severe board exam by the state, have a continuous education mandatory, since we belong to the Department of Health

I will expose some effects of massage on the body, which are many, in the next articles, effects on the skin, circulatory system, muscular system, osteoarticular system, etc.

“Massage is a medicine” and without side effects. Take care of your body and take care of your mind.

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