Benefits of postpartum massage.

Benefits of postpartum massage.

For the purpose of eliminating fluid retention, manual lymphatic drainage is a wonderful ally for mothers after childbirth.

Pregnancy is a very special moment in a woman’s life. Although some mothers worry about weight gain, stretch marks and cellulite during the gestation period.

Lymphatic drainage is a great ally and offers great benefits to mothers in postpartum, not only aesthetically, but also favoring their health.

Lymphatic drainage prevents and prevents circulation disorders, helping to remove fluids and toxins retained in the body. Lymphatic drainage provides emotional well-being and provides health-promoting results.

Lymphatic drainage is highly recommended after childbirth (even in cesarean deliveries) because it eliminates toxins, metabolic wastes and excess fluid.

Lymphatic drainage is not recommended for people who have some type of disease related to the lymphatic system, renal failure, thrombosis, or hypotension that is not controlled, among other cases.

It is very important that the woman consult with her doctor before starting a series of lymphatic drainage sessions.


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