Reflexology theoretically explains the nerve connections of many specific points of the body in the feet. These are known as reflex zones.

The purpose of this massage, as it stands, is to obtain a healthy response from the organs and systems, from the adequate stimulation applied to their corresponding reflexes, thus establishing the natural balance of the energy and functionality of the whole organism.

Our current knowledge of reflexology stems from the work of Eunice Ingham, who developed zone therapy in the 1930s. Dedicated to the professional practice of therapeutic massage, she discovered that she could treat the whole body by applying pressure to different areas of the feet. He harvested a long series of successes and drew a map of the feet indicating the location of the reflex points corresponding to the different parts of the body; This map is the practical basis of reflexology.

Foot reflexology

It consists of stimulating certain puntons of reflexes in the feet in order to maintain a good state of health. It is based on the theory that each part of the body corresponds to a perfectly located point in the feet, and on the principle that, by pressing these points of reflexes, it is possible to calm and restore the entire body balance, which is achieved Remedy many disorders. Most reflex points are located on the soles of the feet.



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