Massage and atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is the premature aging of the arteries, which undergo a process of sclerosis, the diameter of the blood vessel is reduced and its elasticity is affected.

The symptoms are diverse, depending on the affected arteries and, therefore, can lead to various complications.

People from 40 years of age begins a progressive process of general aging, logically for a few years in a very slow, to accentuate after 60. Due to several factors, such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, unbalanced diet , Etc., this aging of the arteries is accelerated.

Since massage increases the intensity of the circulation, it is convenient to do general massage, since it stimulates the venous circulation, also improving the arterial circulation.

These people have a symptom, which is called intermittent claudication, which means that after walking a few steps, they do not receive the arterial blood muscle, they get intense pain, and they have to stand for a few seconds.

When the arteries have reached a heart attack, thrombosis, etc .; In all these cases massage can be done in addition to the proper medical treatment, prompt rehabilitation and massage techniques, can help improve the patient.

The basis of this technique is to increase blood flow to the peripheral muscle, in order to facilitate venous and arterial circulation.

If you feel pain in your legs when walking (accused in the twin muscles) it is time to exercise and massage into deep tissue or relaxation

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    • Swedish general relaxation massage is good for diabetes and for neuropathy since it stimulates the circulatory system, making oxygenated blood and having an efficiency in the descent of glycoside, you just have to know that in a massage the sugar tends to go down And you have to be prepared to avoid hypoglycemia.

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