Trigger Point Massage

Trigger Point

 Therapeutic massage trigger points.

Often both athletes and sedentary people suffering from physical pain who are realacionados with “trigger points”.

Understanding the concept of trigger points as areas with knots that sometimes reflect the pain at other points, which could be called contraction knots.

They exist in any muscle in the body, although there are areas most prone to their appearance and can be active several pain points at once. It is therefore known as referred pain.
In order to reduce pain in these trigger points you should use a deep massage directly on it.

Therapeutic massages relieve muscle pain produced by stress, overexertion or poor posture that we acquired in our life

Defining trigger point

It’s like a sensitive site located in a skeletal muscle that causes pain with compression, stretching or contraction of muscle tissue and which is generally referred pain.

Trigger points are very painful, especially when pressed, these can be active or dormant.

As generally we locate the trigger points are pressed on them trying to stretch the area, causing pain and pressure should be maintained until the pain subsides and then commented continue the pressure.



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