Full body massage focused on pyramidal muscle, when it affects the sciatic nerve. Treatment of the pyramidal with combination of deep massage, hot stones, stretching and electro-stimulation in the area of the piriformis muscle.

Full body massage focused on pyramidal muscle, when it affects the sciatic nerve. Treatment of the pyramidal with combination of deep massage, hot stones, stretching and electro-stimulation in the area of the piriformis muscle.

The pyramidal, or piriformis, is a muscle in the gluteal region of the lower extremity. It is one of the six muscles of the lateral rotator group.

Pyramidal syndrome is a syndrome that occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated by the piriformis muscle.

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Indications of Masotherapy.

We could see two dimensions of massage depending on its effects. We lick the first dimension as “The Basic” and the second as “Supplementary or Secondary”.

– Basic or Primary Indications

It is known that massage is an exceptional assistant when we have mental fatigue, stress, insomnia … it relaxes us and returns us to a calm position, let’s say to a position of peace.

The systems of the body are benefited, very relevantly the circulatory, lymphatic systems and the persistalsis, favoring to a great extent the excretion of the waste of our body.

Massage can improve physical fatigue, muscle discomfort, soft tissue damage, improve joint restrictions and rearrange all these structures.

– Supplementary or secondary indications

By increasing circulation improves the formation of necrotic tissue in hands and feet affected by diabetes.

It can maintain the vitality of tissues damaged by degenerative conditions.

The massage combined with a good diet and exercises is highly productive to maintain a well-being body.

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Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral nerves carry information to and from the brain to the rest of the body.

Peripheral neuropathy means damage to a single nerve or a group of nerves. It can also affect the nerves throughout the body. Many people feel numbness in the hands and feet.

There are many types and causes. Some neuropathies are hereditary. Peripheral neuropathy is very common.

Diabetes is the most common cause of this type of neurological problem. High blood sugar levels can
hurt your nerves

There are many treatments, but controlling the consumption of sugar, doing regular exercises and therapeutic massage, therapies help to improve these dysfunctions among other remedies.

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Do you have muscle pain?

Do you have muscle pain?

Massage and Endorphins

Endorphins, name that comes from the words endogenous (inside) and morphine (alkaloid opioid). They are substances that mitigate pain among other functions.

Endorphins have an analgesic effect, relieve or suppress pain. Its sedative action allows the general relaxation of the organism,
They are manufactured in the brain, the spinal cord and other parts of the body, and released into the bloodstream to different pleasurable actions such as eating and many other pleasurable actions or to receive massages.

Massage is a very effective way to stimulate the secretion of endorphins.

The correct application of therapeutic massage techniques increases blood flow to and from the affected area, facilitating the arrival of endorphins and the release of toxins trapped in the tissues.

When it is exerted presses Trigger Point hurts at the beginning but relief is caused, a positive effect is derived: the organism secretes endorphins to appease that pain. We owe this to the analgesic effect of endorphins.

In summary, musculoskeletal pain responds very well to the combination of massage techniques achieving an analgesic effect and the consequent relief of pain.

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The massage diminishes the pains.

When we talk about massage, we usually refer to manipulations on the muscle and soft tissues, with salutary, soothing, sedative and stimulant objectives.

It has analgesic, relaxing and sedative effects.

The action of massage suppresses or diminishes painful sensitivity by means of manual actions on superficial sensitivity (Meissner corpuscles) (1) and deep sensitivity (Golgi and Pacini corpuscles). “(2)

Massage is a therapeutic remedy that has accompanied man since primitive cultures.


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Respiratory system. Benefits of massage.

Massage is part of the traditional actions of the Pneumo Kinesiotherapist. The kinesioteraphy uses mobility (active or passive) to promote bodily functions and within its objective; treat and prevent diseases.

In the bronchial obstruction, the massage with percussions and vibrations in the thoracic box, fluidizes the secretions of the mucosa and favors its expulsion to the outside.

Oxygenation increases considerably favoring the respiratory system.



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Benefits of massage in the digestive system.

It is indicated for the blood flow in the viscera and to promote the contractions of the smooth muscles.

The massage by provoking the mobility of the viscera eliminates the restrictions of the ligaments and peritoneum (1).

It has a peristaltic effect on the colon, relieving intestinal constipation.


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Massage Therapy. Benefits in the Musculoskeletal System.

Almost all massage processes improve the functioning of our skeletal muscles, but even help the smooth muscles of our blood vessels and the smooth muscles of the intestines in their action of peristalsis for the evacuation of physiological waste.

Therefore massage therapy is beneficial to treat contractures, allows us to eliminate the formation of adhesions and is certainly relaxing. Massage therapy promotes blood circulation.

When we say that the massage is decontracting is because the maneuvers of friction, static pressure, percussion, compression and friction reduce pain in the patient and the therapist feels in their hands as the situation of muscle tension of the person receiving the massage decreases.

Kneading, one of the massage techniques that we use in our Swedish Massage, when we practice deep tissue massage or relaxation, favors the elimination of “Venous Stasis” which is the slow circulation of blood that can create thrombi.

It is also known that percussion maneuvers improve blood flow.

The massages eliminate the metabolites (1) and decrease the sensation of pain and fatigue of the muscle.

The stretches deform the Golgi organ (2) and favor the relationship of the muscle.


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Benefits in the Circulatory System.

The Circulatory System benefits from therapeutic massage in two of its components: Venous System and Lymphatic System.

In the superficial or subcutaneous circulation it relaxes the muscles and the fascia. This effect relieves congestion that blood vessels may suffer.

It diminishes the viscosity of the blood, by the own relaxation of the smooth muscles of the blood vessels.
The hyperemia created by the massage activates the entrance of the interstitial fluid in the blood vessels.
And as we all know an improvement in circulation implies better muscle function.

The massage therapy collaborates in the Return Venous, also improving the circulatory drainage since it has a positive effect on the venous valves.

With regard to the lymphatic circulation, the massage therapy prevents the stagnation of the lymph that gives rise to the edema. (which manifests itself in many people with swollen feet and hands).

Among other benefits, massage therapy avoids vascular congestion and favors the circulation of lymph.

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Massage Therapy. Benefits in body systems.


Benefits on the skin

The massage allows to improve the mechanical properties of the skin and also allows us to eliminate dead cells by renewing the epidermis.
Increase the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue, our skin will be more durable and elastic.
It increases the circulation in the skin and the sensitivity of it.

Benefits in the Nervous System

Increase in intensity and frequency of brain waves.
Reduction of substances related to anxiety.
Reduction of muscle tension
Reduction of blood pressure
Improvement of the quality of the dream.

Benefits in relation to pain

Rubbing the tissues of the skin produces a decrease in the perception of pain
Improves venous return and the elimination of proinflammatory substances.
Endorphins are released that diminish the perception of pain.

Benefits in the Circulation System … To be continue.


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