Headache? Migraine? Back pain? muscle pains?

Headache? Migraine? Back pain? muscle pains?

Massage helps your relief and elimination.

Massage is especially beneficial for back pain and avoids significantly reducing the medication that does so much damage from side effects.

High blood pressure? Massage not only reduces high blood pressure values, it also significantly improves your blood and lymphatic circulation.
Stress? Nervousness, imsomnia?
The massage drastically reduces stress and reduces the hormone cortisol by a high percentage.

More fats in your body, muscular discomfort in general?
The massage eliminates toxins and facilitates the elimination of fats and greatly favors the oxygenation of our body.

Muscle tensions? Little flexibility?
The massage eliminates muscular tensions and contractures and recovers muscle tone

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Reduce your fatigue and activate your muscles!

  • Massage has a fundamental role in the nutrition of muscles, it is very important for the recovery of neuromuscular work. This process is due to the improvement of the metabolism in the muscles and to the acetylcholine released.
  • The muscular vessels are dilated by the release of histamine, which increases the temperature of the tissues subjected to a massage that increases the speed of contraction of the muscles.
  • This results in a reduction of fatigue and more effective muscular activity and coordination by improving the ability of neuromuscular maintenance.
  • The massage manages to relax the stressed muscles, which in turn stop putting pressure on the lymphatic and blood vessels, helping to expel histamine and adrenaline.
  • The massage has a calming effect, since by removing waste from the cells, the venous and capillary systems open, simultaneously entering a large amount of oxygen and nutrients, which greatly improve the state of the muscles. Massage helps to achieve greater muscle strength, reduces muscle pain and also the intensity of pain after exercise.

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Efectos del masaje en el sistema muscular:

El masaje tiene un papel fundamental en la nutrición de los músculos, muy importante para la recuperación del trabajo neuromuscular. Este proceso se debe a la mejora del metabolismo en los músculos y a la acetilcolina liberada.

Los vasos musculares se dilatan por la liberación de histamina, lo que aumenta la temperatura de los tejidos sometidos a un masaje que aumenta la velocidad de contracción de los músculos.

Esto resulta en una reducción de la fatiga y una actividad y coordinación muscular más efectiva al mejorar la capacidad de mantenimiento neuromuscular.

El masaje logra relajar los músculos estresados, que a su vez dejan de ejercer presión sobre los vasos linfáticos y sanguíneos, ayudando a la expulsión de histamina y adrenalina.

El masaje tiene un efecto calmante, ya que al eliminar los desechos de las células, los sistemas venoso y capilar se abren, ingresando simultáneamente una gran cantidad de oxígeno y nutrientes, que mejorarán en gran medida el estado de los músculos. El masaje ayuda a lograr una mayor fuerza muscular, disminuye el dolor muscular y también la intensidad del dolor después del ejercicio.

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Hot Stone Massage

Masaje con piedras calientes

La terapia de masaje con piedras calientes, también llamada energía geotérmica, ofrece una combinación de masaje terapéutico tradicional con la aplicación en la piel de piedras calientes volcánicas para facilitar el flujo de energía vital y aliviar las molestias físicas y emocionales.

Disciplinas como el reiki, creen que hay siete centros de energía llamados “chakras” en nuestro cuerpo, y a través de ellos fluye la energía del universo.

Beneficios del masaje con piedras calientes:

Reduce el dolor crónico y especialmente los huesos y músculos, lo que ayuda a equilibrar el sistema nervioso y mejorar la circulación.

Es relajante y promueve el flujo adecuado de energía, armonizando el cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu.

Revitaliza y oxigena la piel eliminando toxinas, reafirmando los tejidos y logrando un aspecto más suave y saludable.

El masaje con piedras calientes tiene un efecto relajante y terapéutico especial.

Las suaves fricciones con piedras calientes en su cuerpo producen un profundo estado de serenidad y tranquilidad al tiempo que eliminan los espasmos musculares y relajan el cuerpo.

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Venous Circulation

The venous blood vessels are at the superficial level. The massage should be done in the same direction as the blood in the veins: from the extremities towards the heart. This procedure increases the flow of blood back to the heart, improves the filtering of the blood, fluidizes the blood and stimulates the function of the valves of entry and exit of the heart muscle.

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Andy Caso Massage Therapy uses the best natural oils

Andy Caso uses the best natural oils, organic oils such as; virgin olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter oil.
You can apply any of these oils in your massage for the benefits of massage to obtain the benefits of these great oils on your skin.

The olive oil.

Olive oil has been used by Mediterranean cultures for thousands of years. “The green gold of Greece”

The massage of the skin with olive oil is an excellent way to repair the skin, combating dry or flaky skin.

Janice Cox, author of “Natural Beauty at Home”, suggests mixing olive oil with vitamin E to create a skin treatment that is rich and moisturizing.

Massage therapy alleviates pain, discomfort and muscle spasms. You can get additional benefits using olive oil in massage treatments, it is in your hands at no additional cost with Andy Caso Massage Therapy.

Olive oil is frequently used in medicinal massage in India, according to Harish Johari, author of “Ayurvedic Massage: Traditional Indian Techniques for Balancing Body and Mind.” Ayurvedic doctors prescribe massages with olive oil for the relief of inflammation, gout, arthritis, muscle aches and sprains. (1)

Olive oil helps to cure the affections of scalps. Francesca Gould, author of “Indian Head Massage,” states that olive oil is commonly used to moisturize and condition the scalp and dry hair.

Stretch marks and skin marks appear when there are internal injuries of the skin, usually appear by sudden changes in weight, for example very in the appearance of stretch marks in the abdomen during pregnancy.

Due to the innumerable properties that extra virgin olive oil contains, an effective and long-lasting treatment is achieved for those who suffer from acne problems.

You can read more about the benefits of olive oil at https://www.botanical-online.com/beneficios_aceite_de_oliva.htm

Ref/ https://yotuspanishoil.com/aceite-de-oliva/beneficios-para-la-piel/

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Do you play sports, lift weights, athletics, various exercises?

Do you play sports, lift weights, athletics, various exercises?

Do you make physical effort in your workplace, in your home and present muscular discomfort?

Does your upper back and lower back hurt, do your twins hurt? Do your muscles hurt? Muscle contractures, muscular discomfort?

Then you can make an appointment for 60 or 90 minutes of deep tissue.
Sports massage by Andy Caso

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Massage and the Nervous System, massage helps you with anxiety.

Stress is the tension caused by crippling situations that cause psychological disorders, it is in the end the reaction of our body to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional response. Anyone can be affected by stress, in this case we will talk about chronic stress that can have very negative effects on health

Stress increases heart rate and blood pressure, blood glucose levels rise … and adrenaline activates the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for preparing the body to face the threat or flee from it.

Stress symptoms: headaches, muscle tension, neck and back pain, sleeping problems etc., which affect mood: and produces anxiety, lack of concentration or motivation, irritability, anger, sadness or nervousness.

Therapeutic massage helps you to relax, but to a much greater extent than is supposed, we will cite some examples.

-Calms anxiety and depression by the therapeutic activity of massage itself.
– Relieves headaches by decreasing tension.
– Relieves muscle pain and improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
-Improves the quality of sleep and replenishes us with energy and tranquility.
-Power the immune system.

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Massage and the Nervous System



Full Body Relaxation massage, focused on manual lymphatic massage on legs and buttocks.

Full Body Relaxation massage, focused on manual lymphatic massage on legs and buttocks.

This massage benefits the circulation of our body, both the venous return and the movement of the lymph, preventing it from accumulating.

If we promote the drainage of lymph, we can alleviate certain conditions such as fluid retention or cellulite.

A gentle massage performed by an expert will help the lymph to move more easily within our body, and this will improve the circulation of our legs and give them a good appearance.

The lymphatic system is composed of a fluid called lymph, and the channels through which this substance moves are called lymphatic channels.

The lymphatic drainage in manual form, must be performed by an authorized professional, which will encourage the drainage of the lymphatic channels present in our legs, mobilizing the lymph, especially in the obstructed areas.

This drainage purifies any harmful substance in our legs. Its function is to eliminate the possible toxins and avoid the retention or accumulation of fluids and to promote the circulatory flow correctly.

Lymphatic drainage protects our immune system, improving the response of our body against possible bacteria or viruses.

It also fulfills a function of aesthetic character, since the appearance of the skin of our legs can visibly improve.


It can prevent poor circulation, cellulite or tired legs.

This treatment to be effective must be complemented with a healthy diet and physical exercise.

It is a way to eliminate harmful substances in our legs.

It also benefits our immune system, releasing substances and strengthening the immune system. Highly recommended in cases of enemas or suffering after surgery.

The lymphatic drainage of legs consists of the activation of the lymphatic system of the patient in the legs, activating the capacity that this system has to effectively discard any toxin.
The lymphatic drainage of legs has a great effect of relief in ailments and affections of the muscles of our legs and combats the flaccidity.

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