Add treatment to any massage. Stomach pain.

Add treatment to any massage.

Stomach pain is a very common ailment.
Massage is a very convenient and effective technique that can stimulate some points of the meridians to achieve a therapeutic effect.

– Acupressure at the point (St 25) until the feeling of discomfort appears.

This point to regulate the function of the abdomen, for example, to treat stomach pain, constipation, bloating etc.

Acupressure at the point Conception Vessel 12, (Ren-12),
The point is located between the navel and the abdomen, just following the line of the navel up until it meets the lower edge of the sternum.
This point is used to harmonize the spleen and stomach and thereby relieve pain.

-Acupressure at the point (St 36) of the stomach meridian.

This point has the function of regulating the spleen and stomach to relieve pain.

– Massage in the abdomen

Gently circle massage in the area around the navel in a clockwise direction and then counterclockwise. This technique relieves pain and constipation.

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