Fertility massage

Fertility massage

This natural fertility technique has been applied successfully for years in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia or Spain, whose origin seems to come from the Mayan culture.
Massage focused on the lower back, sacral and coccyx, and on the abdominal and pubic area.

Benefits of fertility massage

Increase blood flow by improving the flow of nutrients and hormones.
Regulate menstrual cycles.
It contributes to hormonal balance.
Unlock the pelvic area.
The organs located in the pelvic area improve their disposition and therefore their functioning, benefiting the improvement of endometriosis.
Increases relaxation and well-being because the release of endorphins produces a relaxing and pleasant effect that reduces stress and improves the psychological state of patients.

The main goal of fertility massage is to help promote an optimal flow of oxygen-rich blood to your ovaries, the organs that are responsible for supplying the eggs to be fertilized.

Note: This massage should be performed only between the stages of menstruation and ovulation. This should not be done during your periods.

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