The application of suckers produces the suction of stagnant blood to the surface of the skin, improving circulation through the tissues, increasing the time of healing
The application of suction cups could be beneficial for some ailments, such as chronic neck and shoulder pain, cervical spondylosis etc.

By Dr. Mercola

Currently, fans of the Olympic swim from all over are talking about the application of suckers: a discussion started due to the violet spots on the shoulders of Michael Phelps and Cody Miller.1 It has also been seen with these spots Alex Naddour, Olympic gymnast , which are similar to the hickeys, and many other top-notch athletes admit using the suction cups application.

According to Reuters, 2 sales of equipment for suction cup therapy increased 20% during the three days following Phelps’ grand triumph.

The International Cupping Therapy Association also reported a “50% increase in the number of doctors who sought to obtain their certificate for the application of suction cups” during the same period. Acupuncturists also reported an increase in consultations about treatment.3

What is the Application of Suction Cups?

The application of suckers is an ancestral medical treatment; its Chinese origin goes back to the year 300 or 400 a.C. Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures also have ancient records about this practice.

The application of suction cups is still used regularly in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in Chinese hospitals and elsewhere. Suction cups, or suction cups, of different sizes are attached to the body and the suction brings blood to the surface of the skin. This is why the marks look like bruises.

It is said that the treatment improves blood circulation, so it increases the speed of healing, reduces pain and relieves muscle discomfort. According to Dr. Houman Danesh, specialist in pain control at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, the application of suction cups helps “accelerate the natural healing process of the body.”

Phelps and Naddour have faith in the treatment. At a recent press conference, Phelps said an application of suction cups is done before most competitions4 and Naddour told USA Today, 5 that the application of suction cups has been a “secret … that keeps me healthy. the best in what I have spent my money. “


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