Effects of massage on the muscular system.

Massage has a fundamental role in the nutrition of muscles, very important for the recovery of neuromuscular work. This process is due to improved muscle metabolism and released acetylcholine.

The muscular vessels are dilated by the release of histamine, which increases the temperature of the tissues subjected to a massage that increases the speed of contraction of the muscles. This results in a reduction of fatigue and more effective muscular activity and coordination by improving the ability of neuromuscular maintenance.

The massage achieves relaxing the stressed muscles, which in turn stop putting pressure on the lymphatic and blood vessels, helping the histamine and adrenaline are expelled. Massage has a calming effect since by eliminating waste from cells, the venous and capillary systems are opened, simultaneously entering a large amount of oxygen and nutrients, which will greatly improve the condition of the cells. muscles Massage helps to achieve greater muscle strength, reduces muscle pain and also the intensity of pain after exercise.

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