Massage and the Nervous System, massage helps you with anxiety.

Stress is the tension caused by crippling situations that cause psychological disorders, it is in the end the reaction of our body to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional response. Anyone can be affected by stress, in this case we will talk about chronic stress that can have very negative effects on health

Stress increases heart rate and blood pressure, blood glucose levels rise … and adrenaline activates the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for preparing the body to face the threat or flee from it.

Stress symptoms: headaches, muscle tension, neck and back pain, sleeping problems etc., which affect mood: and produces anxiety, lack of concentration or motivation, irritability, anger, sadness or nervousness.

Therapeutic massage helps you to relax, but to a much greater extent than is supposed, we will cite some examples.

-Calms anxiety and depression by the therapeutic activity of massage itself.
– Relieves headaches by decreasing tension.
– Relieves muscle pain and improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
-Improves the quality of sleep and replenishes us with energy and tranquility.
-Power the immune system.

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Massage and the Nervous System



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