Massage Therapy. Benefits in the Musculoskeletal System.

Almost all massage processes improve the functioning of our skeletal muscles, but even help the smooth muscles of our blood vessels and the smooth muscles of the intestines in their action of peristalsis for the evacuation of physiological waste.

Therefore massage therapy is beneficial to treat contractures, allows us to eliminate the formation of adhesions and is certainly relaxing. Massage therapy promotes blood circulation.

When we say that the massage is decontracting is because the maneuvers of friction, static pressure, percussion, compression and friction reduce pain in the patient and the therapist feels in their hands as the situation of muscle tension of the person receiving the massage decreases.

Kneading, one of the massage techniques that we use in our Swedish Massage, when we practice deep tissue massage or relaxation, favors the elimination of “Venous Stasis” which is the slow circulation of blood that can create thrombi.

It is also known that percussion maneuvers improve blood flow.

The massages eliminate the metabolites (1) and decrease the sensation of pain and fatigue of the muscle.

The stretches deform the Golgi organ (2) and favor the relationship of the muscle.



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