Benefits of massage for diabetics.

Currently, massage sessions are recommended for people diagnosed with diabetes. Massage therapy has improved the quality of life in patients with this disease.
Massage therapy can help reduce blood sugar. Lowering stress levels lowers blood sugar in diabetics.
Its main benefits
Increase in blood circulation:
Massages stimulate the flow of blood, which facilitates the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the body.
The increase in blood circulation allows cells to optimize the use of insulin, thus controlling glycemia.
More movement of the muscles:
As we already know, diabetes impairs blood circulation, causing muscle weakness. cramping or stiffness, and restricting mobility.
Massage therapy applies pressure on soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments and help, helping to improve flexibility, leading to improved treatment in diabetics.
Mental health:
Massage therapy relieves anxiety, relieves stress and relaxes us.
Relieves neuropathy:
This condition commonly occurs in diabetics. A massage on time and supplies gently can reduce the symptoms that cause: tingling, numbness, etc.
After a massage with decreased sugar levels, the client is diabetic and taking medication should know that in order to avoid hypoglycemia, he should take a sugary snack with him to restore his glucose values.
The diabetic client asks for the consent of his doctor before starting the treatment
Massage in diabetic people is safe, but you have to be sure you are prepared for an eventual hypoglycemia.

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