Massage in ergonomic chair.

Massage in ergonomic chair.

The technique of ergonomic chair massage has gained popularity in recent years.

The convenience of its implementation in very little space, the rapidity to a deep relaxation, as well as the effectiveness to increase blood circulation and achieve an important contribution in health has made more and more frequent the use of the ergonomic chair.

In general, an ergonomic chair is used, specially designed, where the person is in a very relaxed position.

As the name implies, it is specially designed to adopt an anatomically correct position.

The person who sits in it will adopt a position of maximum comfort to enjoy the session and completely relax your neck, shoulders, back and arms.


Reduces stress and anxiety
Increase energy
Relieves tension in shoulders and back.
Improves the circulation and mobility of muscles.
Increase job satisfaction
Ergonomic Chair Massage

Whoever receives the massage should not undress, should only sit in an ergonomic chair

The therapist focuses on the most stressed areas of the body: back, arms, shoulders, neck, hands and head, causing immediate relief.

The chair massage includes the areas of the head, nape, neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, arms and hands.

Chair massage is especially indicated for people who do not have much time, those who need to urgently decontract an area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir body.


Chair massage can improve your productivity and reduce your stress.

A study published in the “Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” in 2011 found that twice a week, chair massages decreased musculoskeletal pain and pain and increased range of motion after one month.

The chair massage is a fully dressed massage performed by a therapist in a chair designed specifically for massages.

As the benefits of massage are known, more companies offer massages in chairs, even in the workplace as an incentive for employees and as a resource for maintaining health.

According to Pete Reinwald of the American Massage Therapy Association, companies such as Boeing and Google offer massages to their employees as part of their wellness programs.

Massage reduces the stress of people. while improving overall satisfaction at work.

Anxiety reduction

A 1996 study by Shulman and Jones of the Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida, found that worker massage helped reduce anxiety.

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The study indicated that in a brief period of time chair massage was more effective than the same rest time in reducing anxiety.

A study conducted by Margaret Hodge, Ed.D. R.N. and colleagues in 2000, found that acupressure performed in the workplace improved the general feeling of well-being among workers. Those who received the massage reported having felt an increase in general well-being, fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety, a greater ability to control their emotions and an increase in sleep.

Chair massage can improve work performance.

A 1996 study by Tiffany Field and colleagues at the Touch Research Institute showed that chair massage twice a week produces better brain performance.

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