Massage with volcanic stones.

Massages with hot and cold stones are an ancient oriental therapy that provides many benefits for our physical and mental health.

It is a relaxing therapy that stimulates the senses, oxygenates the blood and balances the “chakras” or energy centers of the body.
The massage with hot and cold stones has been done for many years, both in the Chinese culture and in other cultures, the energy is distributed to the whole organism thanks to the numerous energetic channels that cross it and that are united to them.

The power of the stones, together with the skill of the therapist’s hands: revitalizes and oxygenates the skin, to achieve the balance of energy according to the oriental tradition.

The hot stones penetrate the muscles and joints giving better mobility, stimulates blood circulation, oxygenates the blood, relaxes the body and achieves a sedative effect.

Hot and cold stones alternate to massage the body: the hot relaxes the muscles and the cold tone the body.

Stones by their nature, are charged with energy in the form of heat, which is transmitted to the body through the meridians and chakras.
In addition, the heat that emanates from them is absorbed by the energy channels to achieve the healthy and harmonious balance of the body according to the Eastern belief.

It is indicated for people with stress, anxiety, insomnia and for those of back pain, muscle aches, poor circulation, osteoarthritis, arthritis, fibromyalgia.

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