Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is a method that promotes deep healing in muscle tissue, releasing toxins and stimulating the lymphatic system.

The skin may become red after the cup is left in place for a few minutes.

The action of massage therapy with a suction cup facilitates a massage of reverse pressure, instead of pressing the body, the suction does towards the outside, this facilitates the expulsion of toxins to the outside and the unblocking of the zones of the deep tissue.

. In a cupping section can improve mood, have more energy, less stress, less anxiety and better functionality of the lymphatic system.

But if you decide to take cupping therapy frequently, it will help you deal with migraine problems, backaches, muscle tensions, tiredness, allergies, constipation, poor circulation and insomnia among other benefits.

Suction cup therapy can be performed with different techniques, depending on the treatment objectives:

It is also used to treat contractures and other muscle blockages that cause pain.

In general terms, suction cup therapy is used for different therapeutic purposes:

Lymphatic drainage.
Eliminate toxins.
Treat contractures.
Anti-inflammatory and analgesic therapy.
Remove excess fat and fluid retention.
Reduce edema among other benefits.

The back, stomach, arms and legs are areas of ideal treatment.

Make sure the massage professional is an LMT, or authorized and registered person, because there are areas of the body where cupping can not be applied because it can create damages.

In rare cases, the suction cup can create mild to moderate blisters. In that case prick the ampoule, drain and disinfect it.
Apply antibiotic ointment and a clean bandage over the area after draining.

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