Treatment of Striae and Cellulitis

Treatment of Striae and Cellulitis

Reduce or eliminate stretch marks skin and combat cellulite naturally.
Stretch marks are small scars on the skin surface by lack of elasticity.
Growth and pregnancy stretch marks are created.
The ayurvedic massage with coconut oil is the best natural way to prevent, reduce and even eliminate stretch marks.
This massage is applied in the affected areas, promoting blood circulation reactivating collagen renewal, eliminating dead cells and promoting skin regeneration.
Regarding cellulite is mobilizing waste substances and fat particles that are stuck in the lymph ducts. Lymph nodes only by pipeline moves when performing physical exercises or receive therapeutic massage because it has a natural engine to move unlike the bloodstream that if you have heart.
In addition to manual massage rollers and surface and Swedish glass are used to move the particles of fat and waste substances.
The reductive massage techniques with deep tissue massage recommended because the combination of massage you gain in effectiveness and duration should be 1 or 1 1/2 hours.

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Relaxation+Treatment to reduce or eliminate stretch marks of the skin and cellulite
90 mins $100.00
Deep Tissue+Treatment to reduce or eliminate stretch marks of the skin and cellulite .
90 mins $110.00


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