Massage for constipation, gas and colic.

One of the treatments that are also effective for constipation is massage therapy.

The peristaltic movement can be facilitated with therapeutic massages.

The first thing to do before giving the massage is to drink a glass of water to make more fluid the faecal.

An evacuation massage is done by rubbing clockwise over the large intestine beginning in its area closest to the rectum and ascending counterclockwise.

Circular massages

Massage that pumps the different sections of the colon, with draining circular pressures. Drops in the descending direction of the colon, at the same time that the intensity is reduced and soft friction is made in a circular sense.

It is also advisable to massage the reflex areas of the body, such as the lower back. Indirectly this exercise will increase intestinal motility, in addition to strengthening the transverse abdominal muscle.

You can request a massage of only 30 minutes if you have problems of estrenimiento and you can improve significantly.

You can also request a relaxation massage or deep tissue plus 30 minutes of massage for the constipation.

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