I recommend a massage with coconut oil to heal cellulite. Why?

I recommend a massage with coconut oil to heal cellulite. Why?

Firstly I will tell you that cellulite is due to certain bacteria that enter the skin when it is injured. Group A streptococci and staphylococci are the main causes.

Cellulitis is characterized by redness, inflammation, heat and pain in the affected area.

The affected skin is usually red and with edema, with pain on palpation. A cutaneous injury acts as a gateway for bacteria.

If it gets complicated, cellulite can spread to the blood (causing bacteremia and sepsis) or to other tissues.

Thrombophlebitis is another possible complication, which can progress to deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary thromboembolism.

About 50% of coconut fatty acids are lauric acid. Lauric acid turns the body into a potent substance with antiviral, antibacterial and antimycotic properties called monolaurin. . Lauric acid is one of the natural ingredients of human milk, which protects the baby from infections.

Therefore the massage carries blood to repair the tissues and the coconut oil fights the infection without side effects.

If your doctor has diagnoasticated cellulite and you want a natural treatment without side effects this would be a good idea “Massage with coconut oil”

Andy Caso


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