The circulatory massage …

The circulatory massage is focused to activate the blood and lymphatic irrigation, favoring the cellular exchange, being especially recommended for our legs.

Through this therapeutic exercise on our skin and muscles we can mobilize body fluids, bringing nutrients to the cells, and on the other hand, circulating toxins reach the organs and nodes responsible for eliminating them.

Varicose veins

• Circulatory massage activates blood circulation, reduces fluid retention, eliminates toxins, improves leg sensation, and alleviates the incidence of varicose veins.
• Improve the venous return of the body thanks to movements towards the heart and reduces the appearance of edema and swelling.
• This massage is very convenient if you suffer from swollen legs and feet. Lightening the pressure, also relieving the ankle pain and favoring circulation.

I will perform the massage with olive oil which is very suitable to promote and activate circulation.

You can make an appointment for 30 minutes or for 60 minutes in local relaxation massage, only in legs if you wish.
This massage is done prior to a lymphatic massage from proximal to distal to the ganglia of the groin.

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