Scientific basis of massage as therapy (part 4) final.

Scientific basis of massage as therapy (part 4) final.

The work of the Miami Touch Research Institute was done with the rigor of the scientific method.

We expose some effects of massage.

It decreases anxiety and pain perception, in people who have had a cerebrovascular accident, helps with the patient’s relaxation.

-Reduce some signs of agitation in people with Alzheimer’s.

-Increases lung function quality and improves asthma control.

– It decreases anxiety, depression, hostility, anger and pain (increase endorphins) in people with cancer.It also increases vigor.

– It decreases the frequency, duration and intensity of headaches, reduces stress and improves sleep.

–Diabetes: Decreases depression, anxiety and increases the effectiveness of insulin treatment and nutritional regulation.

– Chronic back pain: Reduces pain

– Back pain: Lower the symptom of pain and muscle contracture.

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