Scientific basis of massage as a therapy (Part 2)

Scientific basis of massage as a therapy ( Part 2)
By Andy Caso

In the early 19th century, Swedish gymnast Peter Henrik Ling  _Ling described his applications in traumas, muscle fatigue and post-operative problems.
In the nineteenth century massage was in vogue in Western Europe and North America, many studies and publications on its benefits.

All this led to manual techniques being the main form of therapeutic medicine until the pharmaceutical revolution of the 1940s in the 20th century. Still, the research continued, and these were growing as confidence in the infallibility of drugs was lost. The massage was regaining and increasing its acceptance within the medicine, as evidenced by the creation of T.R.I. Of Miami that we mentioned.

Today the evidence of history tells us that it works as therapy.


The manipulation of the skin stimulates the production and local release of neurotransmitters that produce vasodilation and an increase in temperature. The heat softens the tissues and increases the elasticity of the skin.

The formation of histamine and other substances in the circulatory system
Travel through the blood and lymphatic to the whole body exerting changes significantly increasing circulation in skin and muscles; A result that is also achieved thanks to the opening of the capillaries by the mechanical action of the massage.
The lymphatic circulation is also benefited. These effects lead to better body relaxation, and a decrease in blood pressure.

The massage in the muscular system propitiates the nutrition of the muscles very important for the recovery in the capacity of neuromuscular work. . This results in reduced fatigue, and more effective muscle activity and coordination by improving neuromuscular maintenance capacity.
The massage relaxes the stressed muscles, which in turn stop putting pressure on the lymphatic and blood vessels
Massage has a selective soothing effect, because by eliminating the wastes from the cells, the venous and capillary systems are opened, simultaneously entering large amounts of oxygen and nutrients, which will improve the functional state of the muscles.



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