Prenatal massage

Prenatal massage aims at relaxation of mind and body, pain relief and making you feel better.

The prenatal masseuse will know and take into account that, during pregnancy, the center of gravity shifts, causing the neck, back and shoulders to be subjected to greater tension.

Reduces low back pain

One of the most common discomforts during pregnancy is low back and back pain. Indeed, the increased weight and pressure of the baby can cause the muscles to feel more loaded and, therefore, the pregnant woman suffers discomfort and pain.

Also, the development of the baby will cause the uterus to increase in size and the center of gravity to shift. In this way, the position of the pregnant woman changes and, consequently, will overload the muscles of the lumbar and back.

In this sense, prenatal massage can help reduce excess tension on these muscles, relaxing them. Thus, low back pain may decrease after the application of this type of massage, as in certain studies.

Reduces foot and leg pain

Leg pain in pregnancy

A massage focused on the leg area reduces pressure in this area due to weight gain and fluid retention.
Like lower back pain, leg and foot pain during pregnancy is very common, especially during the last trimester.

Indeed, during pregnancy, the blood flow in the body increases and, in addition, the increase in weight causing veins and arteries to compress, affecting circulation. If you added the fluid retention typical of this stage and tiredness, it is normal for pregnant women to suffer from tired legs, including cramps.

To prevent this discomfort, it is recommended to maintain good hydration and walk, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, it is recommended to practice relaxation techniques and stretching of the muscles involved.

In this sense, prenatal massages are ideal to collaborate in the reduction of these discomforts: they seek relaxation in general and, in addition, that of the leg muscles.

Prenatal massage can reduce the risk of preterm delivery
Depression and anxiety during pregnancy can be associated with a higher rate of fetal activity and premature births. In this sense, since some studies have determined that prenatal massage can reduce cortisol levels, they are related to reduced levels of stress and anxiety and an improvement in depression.

Massages are healthy by reducing stress and promoting the overall well-being of the pregnant woman.

Massage relieves normal pregnancy discomfort. Some of its benefits are:

Prenatal massages improve a woman’s mood, and also improve her cardiovascular health.

Due to increased edemas problems or joint swelling, massage is ideal for stimulating soft tissue, thereby reducing fluid retention and improving blood circulation.

A large number of women present pain in the ciatica, either in the area of ​​the splendid low or in the pyramidal muscle below the buttocks. The massage relaxes and helps to relieve these pains.

It also benefits from back pain, stiff neck and leg cramps. In addition, during pregnancy, massage reduces stress on joints that support weight, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, helps relaxation, sleep better, and may even relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes.

Many professionals consider that the best position for a pregnant woman during the massage is lying on her side. This position, and the use of cushions or soft pillows as a support to relieve the tension of the lower back and the pelvis, can be comfortable. .


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