Benefits of Massage for Diabetes

Studies conducted at the Institute of Touch Research, located at the University of Miami School of Medicine, found that massage therapy may be helpful in lowering blood sugar
Research conducted at Duke University of Medicine has also shown that stress-relieving techniques such as massages can help lower blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Poor blood circulation is common in diabetic patients.
The massage helps to stimulate the flow of blood, in turn, facilitating the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the different tissues of the body.

Diabetes impedes blood flow, and when it affects muscles, it can cause cramps and stiffness, therefore greatly restricts mobility. Massage therapy that involves applying pressure to the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) helps improve flexibility as it increases blood flow to these areas of the body. Therefore, with regular massage, patients with diabetes may experience increased mobility in general.

Receiving a full body massage can work wonders to reduce stress levels and promote a general sense of well-being. A massage relieves anxiety, relieves stress, and infuses a sense of relaxation. All this can contribute to the improvement of physical and mental health.

I advise diabetics (type 2) to eat a diet low in carbohydrates, limited in protein and abundant in healthy fats, omega 3, such as fish (tuna, bonito, sardines, salmon) unrefined coconut oil Virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil …
No sugar or sweeteners. Diabetics can use stevia that does not raise blood sugar levels. Yes, check with your doctor.


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