Deep Tissue Massage

Reducing Fat Massage

Reducing massages are an effective alternative to eliminate body fat accumulated in the waist, abdomen, arms, legs, hip and glutes.
These massages reduce the fatty deposits of the body, mobilizing them and improving the circulation of the affected area, additionally they are useful to eliminate cellulite and toxins of the organism.

Massages should be gentle and increase in strength and pressure throughout the sessions, this will help the body slowly begin to mobilize fats.

The direction of the massages is just like the hands of the clock. It is advisable to accompany these techniques with liquid glycerin to lubricate the area or reducing creams
The length of each session can be about 1 hour throughout the body, distributing this time by areas of hips, arms and legs.
Massage greatly increases the blood circulation in adipose tissue, particularly in the lower limbs of the body.
At first not less than two massages a week to get results in the reduction of weight.
I advise accompanying a diet ketogenic or very low in calories, limited in proteins and healthy fats.
Obviously the results will not be seen overnight, so we will need a lot of patience, constancy and discipline to look slim and healthy body.


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