Swedish Massage

 Swedish Massage.

Swedish massage, created by Swedish physician Henrik Ling, is one of the techniques popular in the world’s oldest and massages.

One way to oxygenate the body, remove toxins and stress by increasing blood circulation.

Some benefits of Swedish massage:

• Relaxes muscle tensions.
• Improves circulation.
• Improves cardiovascular activity.
• Relieves pain due to muscle strain, sciatica, and hard joints.
• Improves or eliminates cellulite condition.
• Stimulates oxygenation of the skin and tissues.
• Improves nervous system health.
• Reduce stress.

By using the Swedish massage techniques we release toxins from the muscles and increase the oxygen level in the blood.

It stimulates and relaxes the nerves, provides a stretching of the muscles and skin stimulation.

As a result, the causes of the stiffness of the muscles that cause pain are eliminated and promotes good health of body and mind.

Traditional Swedish massage techniques



Gentle movements that help to warm the muscles and relieve stress. These soothing strokes are usually applied at the beginning, the whole process of massage and end of massage.


Kneading the muscles quickly makes release toxins that help proper circulation of blood. The movements are slow and have to be followed by a specific pattern.


This massage is very beneficial if you have knots in muscles feel tight or stiff muscles. A movement preferably circular pressure to relieve muscles and joints in the affected areas of the body.


This massage is relaxing and stimulating, depending on the amount of pressure applied by the therapist on the back or limbs. It can be done at the end of the massage and the muscles and bones settle into place.


This stroke of massage is used to release tight and cramped muscles. The reason behind this is that after a long day, you may have experienced some tension or spasm in the muscles. Percussion strokes help in relaxing your body and relieve the spasm as well. By using a number of percussive type movements, using your hand lightly hitting the muscles with the fingertips or the tip of the hand helps to successfully carry out these movements.




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